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My artwork is about finding the balance between chaos and control – a
juxtaposition that I think is representative of many of life’s endeavors,
and, as such relates to most people in one way or another.

I like to start generally with bold strokes of black ink – building a skeleton,
or rather an “idea” for the painting to grow around.  Then, I use a
combination of watercolor, gesso and acrylic washes to draw out and
expand upon certain aesthetic elements, while carving away other
excesses.  I like to layer colors and texture, allowing the compositions to
become more nuanced and complex.  The result is a subtly balanced sum
of both random and deliberate efforts.  I like to think of the finished
creations as organisms, newly introduced into our visual lexicon.

I find inspiration in physics, philosophy and the formation of ideas, as well
as the art of Jackson Pollack, Marcel Duchamp, Willem de Kooning, Jean-
Michel Basquiat and John Marin.  I’m also inspired by the art of bonsai –
trimming and training a small tree to reveal and accentuate its natural